Charter of ANO "BIOMED"

ANO "Center for High Biomedical Technologies" (ANO" BIOMED") is an organization created by the Fund for Scientific and Technological Development of Ugra for the implementation of research and educational projects, as well as for fundamental and applied research in the field of personalized medicine based on advanced biomedical technologies.


Full name

of ANO "Center for High Biomedical Technologies"

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Legal / postal address

Ul. Energetikov 4, office 511, Surgut city,
Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, 628408

Actual location

Ul. Energetikov 4, office 511, Surgut, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, 628408

Phone number

+7 3462 44 33 77

Email address

Site address / цвбмт.рф







General director

Kolbasin Lev Nikolaevich

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Information about the main activities

Research and project activities:

  • study of the genome of aborigines, indigenous and alien peoples of the North in order to study the molecular and genetic mechanisms of the occurrence and development of diseases;
  • study of genetic and epigenetic factors that determine the incidence of multifactorial diseases in Ugra, identification of preclinical signs of socially significant diseases (cardiovascular, oncological, neurodegenerative);
  • study of genetic and epigenetic risk factors for premature aging and age-related diseases in people living in the North, development of technologies for their prevention;
  • search for associations between genomic and proteomic markers and the risk of cancer, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic disorders, and develop and implement personalized approaches to targeted therapy based on them;
  • creation of a biobank and database, including through genetic certification of the population;
  • implementation of genomic and post-genomic technologies, microfluidics, bioinformatics, drug design, creation of computing platforms "from genome to drug";
  • improvement of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics technologies and their implementation in clinical practice;
  • development and development of gene therapy and gene correction technologies applicable in clinical practice;
  • development of principles of individual approach to the choice of sports, level and intensity of physical activity, balanced nutrition and drug provision, introduction of genetic diagnostics technologies in sports (children's sports and high-performance sports);
  • creation of competence centers in the field of biobanking, molecular genetic, cellular, microfluidic and bioinformatic technologies;
  • development and implementation of new medical technologies aimed at improving the functional health reserves of the population;
  • development of innovative methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases based on the principles of medicine "5P"

Provision of medical services:

  • laboratory and functional studies, medical and genetic counseling of patients with hereditary and congenital pathologies and their family members;
  • prenatal (prenatal) diagnosis of developmental disorders of the child;
  • preclinical diagnostics of age-related diseases (cardiological, neuroendocrine, oncological, oncohematological), including the use of screening techniques;
  • laboratory diagnostics of chromosomal and monogenic hereditary diseases, socially significant diseases with a genetic predisposition (cardiovascular, oncological, neurological, age-related, endocrinological, reproductive system organs, blood coagulation system);
  • neonatal screening with the possibility of expanding the screened nosologies through the introduction of various technologies;
  • innovative diagnostics of diseases based on molecular and genetic methods, including new generation sequencing, cellular and microfluidic technologies, mass spectrometry, bioinformatic analysis and biobanking as a basis for the development of 5P medicine;
  • dispensary observation of patients with hereditary and congenital pathologies;

Provision of educational services:

  • training highly qualified personnel in innovative areas of translational, personalized and preventive medicine;
  • training, retraining and advanced training of specialists in promising areas of genomic and translational medicine, cellular, microfluidic and bioinformatic technologies, as well as biobanking;
  • organization and holding of medical scientific events (conferences, congresses, forums, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, internships, trainings, etc.).