Science and Technology Center «UNITI PARK»

Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, Surgut, Yugorsky tract, floodplain of the river Ob


Area: 67, 3 hectares
GBA: 592 thousand sq. m.
Project implementation timeline: 2030 year

Unity Park is a project that embodies the idea of an innovative district in Ugra - a unique space for the development of science and research, engineering entrepreneurship, the professional growth of young scientists and the training of specialists in demand.

Направления ИНТЦ «ЮНИТИ ПАРК»
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Convention and Exhibition Center
The main purpose of the Fund's activities is to promote innovative development, the formation of modern human resources and improve the quality of life in the Autonomous Okrug of Posre
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Dmitry Sychev
The Foundation organizes and conducts competitions of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative projects and provides them with financial support for the development of scientific collectives and technological teams.
Center for High Biomedical Technologies

The first object of the STC is under implementation. The investor-developer is Shvabe-Moscow LLC. The project implementation period is February 2025.